• Key Findings

    Aperio Insights and Vibio worked in partnership to develop a survey exploring

    how Covid-19 has affected sex and relationships, as well as mental health & wellbeing.

    Sexual Relationships


    Couples are having less sex - before Covid-19, 53% had sex once a week or less. Since Covid-19, this figure has grown to 63%.


    Singles sex lives have taken an even greater hit, with the number of singles having sex once a month or less growing from 41% before Covid-19 to 61% after.

    Stronger Bonds


    Despite couples having less sex, their relationships are stronger than ever! 59% felt their relationship had become stronger, and just 8% felt it was weaker.


    Similarly, 58% felt communication in their relationship had improved with just 6% feeling it had worsened.

    Sex Toys & Fantasies


    51% have had more interest in sexual fantasies and experimentation since Covid-19.


    Clitoral stimulators were the most popular sex toy purchases for those who identify as female, while handcuffs/restraints were the most popular for those who identify as male.

    Mental Health


    Covid-19 has significantly affected mental health. 68% say their mental health is worse and just 13% say it is better than before Covid-19.

    Self Care


    Covid-19 restrictions have changed self-care methods, as well as how couples express love.


    Those in relationships are more often telling their partners they love them, cooking and cleaning for them and discussing shared memories.


    Further, watching TV/streaming services, napping and meditating as forms of self care have all risen in popularity.

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